Histroy At The Old Joinery

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The Old Joinery has an exciting and rich history. The land which the venue sits on was the site of the Cornish Revolution in 1497. The banks of Deptford Creek where the opening scenes of a bloody battle that saw 16,000 Cornish rebels slaughtered at the hands of Henry VII.


The building itself fortunately has a less bloody but equally as rich history. Being the house of many craftsman in its time The Old Joinery is the epitome of British ingenuity and industrialism. Built in 1860 it initially supplied the bustling Thames of its transport as a boat yard, launching them straight into Deptford Creek that runs alongside.



Throughout WW1 and WW2 German bombers targeted the area destroying half of the joinery but failing to knock it down. Once rebuilt the workshop was used by various tradesmen, in most recent years as joiners’ yard and scenery workshop building events and sets for shows across Europe and further afield.


2016 sees The Old Joinery entering a new phase inviting the creative industry through its doors to fill the walls with a new type of craftsmanship of art, performance and music.



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